Free Reformed Church Southern River

Relationship Evangelism – Rev W Den Hollander

On the evening of Thursday, April 27, 2017, Rev. W den Hollander (emeritus minister of the Canadian Reformed Churches), presented the topic of ‘Relationship Evangelism’ to members of the Perth metropolitan Free Reformed Churches.


In the presentation on ‘Relationship Evangelism’, Rev den Hollander highlighted the need to ‘relax’ about witnessing in our personal life. He emphasised the importance of first focusing on developing relationships that show the Love of Christ through words and deeds. Then God in His providence would provide opportunities to witness to those people we have developed relationships with.

Presentation commences at 10:15 in the video timeline.

Question and Answer Session

During the presentation, attendees were able to submit questions to Rev Den Hollander via SMS.  These questions were addressed in a dedicated question and answer session that followed the presentation.

Key Points

The key points of the presentation are summarized in the graphic below. A printable PDF version can also be downloaded.


Below is a list of some of the evangelism courses/resources mentioned in the speech: