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504 Southern River Rd, Southern River WA 6110, Australia

You are welcome to join us for our worship services every Sunday at 9.30am and 4pm. Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our families at the door. One of our team of ushers will gladly assist you to find seating and ensure you have everything you need.

We have Creche facilities available for both services. We also have a viewing room for nursing mothers and parents with young children to use as a training room.

We use a “Reformed” style of liturgy which follows this basic format:

  • Votum and Salutation
  • Singing
  • God’s Covenant Word – Reading of the Ten Commandments (morning) or
  • Confession of Faith – Reading of the Apostles’ Creed (afternoon)
  • Singing
  • Prayer
  • Scripture Reading
  • Singing
  • Ministry of the Word
  • Singing
  • Thanksgiving Prayer
  • Offering
  • Singing
  • Benediction

If you wish to see what one our worship services is like, then tune into the live webcast (stream) of our worship service (linked at the bottom of the page) or watch a past worship service from our Sermons page.